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Our Main Event Partners

Lab Coat Agents
Kimberly Marie - Pivot to Passive Income

Kimberly Marie

Real Estate Investor

 Kimberly has pivoted strategies a number of times as she went on her journey learning about different ways to create financial upside through investment property.  She will teach you how to make money on the BUY rather than on the SELL!


Avery Carl

Real Estate Investor

You might be thinking that your time to invest in real estate is over during the pandemic. But Avery Carl is here to tell you differently. As an expert in short-term rental investments, Avery has sold over $300 million since 2017. She doesn’t expect the pandemic to slow her growth.

Our Other Speakers

Badri Malynur

Real Estate investor and co-founder of Avestor Inc

Des Woodruff - How to Trade Cryptocurrency

Des Woodruff

The Founder and CEO of Grok Trade

Guido Nunez - The W2 Investor - Investing For The Beginner, While Holding a W2 Job

Guido Nunez

Passive Income Specialist

Lyndsay Phillips -  Smooth Sailing Business Growth

Lyndsay Phillips

 CEO of Smooth Sailing Business Growth

Aaron Hoos

Real Estate Copywriter

Kevin L. Day - Lawsuit Protection Strategies for Real Estate Owners & Investors (and other tools of the wealthy)

Kevin L. Day

Business Speaker

Marco Bario

Real Estate Note Investor

Boone Nerren - Senior Living - A rapidly growing sector for the care of aging adults

Boone Nerren

Senior Real Estate Investor

Scott Meyers - Self Storage Investor

Scott Meyers

Self Storage Investor

Carrie Risatti - Real Estate Lawyer

Carrie Risatti

Real Estate Lawyer

Avery Carl

Short Term Shop

Jonathon Spears - Luxury Real Estate

Jonathan Spears

Luxury Real Estate

Paige Panzarello - Create your Wealth Destiny by becoming the Bank! How you can profit by helping people stay in their homes

Paige Panzarello

The Cashflow Chick

Sunitha Rao - Sunitha will share how to evaluate long term buy and hold residences even if they are not living in the location of their investment

Sunitha Rao

Real Estate Investor

Tristan Ahumada - “The One Social Media Strategy To Conquer Them All”

Tristan Ahumada

Fortune 500 Consultant

Dwaine Clark - Real Estate Mail Box Money Properties

Dwaine Clark

Mailbox Money Guy

Bill Manassero

Real Estate Investor

Marco Santarelli - How to Build a Passive Real Estate Portfolio

Marco Santarelli

Real Estate Investor

Kris Reid - Digital Marketing Master

Kris Reid

Digital Marketing Master

Maggie Ives - Finding Your Dream Home in Naples, Florida

Maggie Ives

Real Estate Agent

Anette Talie - 12 Hacks to Land Your First Large Multifamily Deal

Anette Talie

Multifamily Real Estate

Kyle Seyboth - Working with Buyers

Kyle Seyboth

Real Estate Expert

Edna Keep - Smart Real Estate Millionaires - 5 Steps to Passive Income and Massive Wealth

Edna Keep

Real Estate Investor/Coach

Wakefield Li

Real Estate Investor

Greg Washington - Real Estate Tax Expert

Greg Washington

Real Estate Tax Expert

Eric Martel

MartelTurnkey Founder

Don Miller - Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen: How the Power of Story Can Grow Your Business

Don Miller

Storybrand Author

Mike Cuevas

The Real Estate Marketing Dude

Eng Taing

Touzi Capital CEO/Founder

Annie Dickerson

Annie Dickerson

COO Goodegg Investments

Vinney Chopra

Vinney Chopra

Real Estate Investor, Author

Bridger Pennington

Real Estate Investor

Jason Hunt

Jason Hunt

Social Media Expert

Jeff Greenberg

Real Estate Investor

Gogo Bethke

Social Media Quess

Aaron Martinez

Marketing Expert

David Greene

Real Estate Rockstar

Gil Sperling

CEO of Flow

Toby Mathis

Founder of Infinity Investing

Mike Wolf

Passive Income Expert

Agostino Pintus

Real Estate Investor

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You missed out!

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