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Gil Sperling

Reinventing How People Find Property

How can new technology help your real estate business grow?

Dating apps like Tinder and Hinge revolutionized the way people meet each other. What was once full of stigma has now become the number one way people meet with each other and enter into romantic relationships. It has enabled people to match with people they never would have encountered otherwise.

Perhaps that’s the concept that Gil Sperling was applying to the real estate world when he co-created Flow. Flow is a proptech (property technology) company that leverages the largest social platforms in the world to match people with property.



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Get Inside Your Consumers’ Heads

Have you considered which platforms are being used by your target audience? How do your consumers behave and act on these platforms? What are the opportunities that these platforms can provide you and your business?


These are the questions you need to be asking as a business owner.


And then you need to figure out how the marketing technology you are using can be optimized for the right people to come through those channels to your business organically - without being forced or pushed, but rather by being naturally attracted to what they see.

Game-Changing Tech Solutions to Prepare You for the Future

Your ideal customers are out there looking for you.

Your goal should be to get a competitive edge that brings them to you instead of your competitors. This is all you need to do to make your business soar. Imagine a technology that automates the way leads are delivered to you, allowing you to focus on your business. This is done while keeping costs low. That’s what happens when you have an engineer who deploys his groundbreaking technical skills into marketing.

Gil’s out-of-the-box thinking has facilitated the proptech revolution in Africa since 2019, empowering small to large property businesses to better market themselves. Now he’s speaking at the Real Estate Masters Summit to help you understand digital marketing through his uniquely qualified proptech lens.

Gil wants to teach you the ultimate way to market your business on social platforms that’s also scalable. You will learn how to use social platforms as a key marketing strategy. This is essential not just for the growth but also for the survival of your real estate business.

Are You Ready to Revolutionize Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

By attending Gil’s talk at the Real Estate Masters Summit, you will receive insights and trends related to marketing property on social media and what the future of property looks like. 

You will gain knowledge on trends and insights into people’s behavior on social

platforms and how and why this is of value for those in the property space. 

You will leave with practical steps to moving forward with digital marketing in their business. 

So, make sure you mark your calendars for Gil Sperling’s keynote at the Real Estate Masters Summit and reserve your FREE spot by clicking on the link below.