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Kevin L. Day

The Simplified Guide to Protecting Your Assets

As a highly sought-after speaker at business conferences around the globe, Kevin has a unique ability to make complex issues understandable. In his talk, he will educate you about the legal system and provide you with concrete strategies that you can use.

Kevin L. Day



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Roadmap Your Needs and Plan for the Future

It is necessary to roadmap your needs now and plan for the future so that you can build a strong fortress to protect what you’ve worked hard to acquire.

Through this presentation, you will learn:

  • How our lawsuit system really works.
  • The simple secrets of the wealthy to protect your real estate - whether you’re protecting your home or the rentals and apartments you’ve worked so hard to acquire.
  • The things you need to consider to protect yourself and your wealth from lawsuits - If you are entering the world of real estate syndication, this is an essential part of your future and security.

You’ve worked hard to build your portfolio, and you deserve to understand how to take care of it.

In addition to being a seasoned practicing lawyer, Kevin is a nationally recognized author and educator in the area of asset protection and has helped protect millions in real estate property from lawsuits. He’s here to help you protect yourself.

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of real estate syndication or you’ve accumulated a hefty portfolio, you need to be able to protect your assets.

But the world of “legalese” can get incredibly overwhelming with complex terminology, coupled with the fear that something major could go wrong and put a blemish on your portfolio. This is why you cannot miss Kevin Day’s presentation at the Real Estate Masters Summit.

A few years after the Hague convention was signed by the United States, Kevin authored four books on the subjects of lawsuit protection, offshore money strategies, asset protection, and privacy planning.

Imagine learning from someone who has such a specialised background in these overlapping areas and who figured out his own way, long before any practice guides were available on the subject!

Additionally, Kevin has written many articles and has been featured in several podcasts, and webinars relating to estate planning, offshore tax havens, asset protection, and captive insurance formation. He will help you understand what goes into safeguarding your assets.

How do you cultivate the ability to ascertain the particular needs of each client and to customize an asset protection plan to meet those needs.

Safeguard Your Future Now!

No matter your level of experience within this industry, you need to learn to protect yourself and your assets. Kevin has almost three decades worth of experience in the field, and a unique ability of simplifying complicated concepts. He will help you translate the legalese and get a deep understanding of our lawsuit system.

This presentation at the Real Estate Master’s Summit is sure to bring you a wealth of information!

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