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Aaron Hoos

The Importance of Good Copy: Find More Cash Buyers and Motivated Sellers

Writing good copy is an art, and customizing it to the real estate world is essential if you want to get more cash buyers, encounter more motivated sellers, and seek out partners and coaching students.

In order for your business to grow, you must get the word out there. And it’s important to choose those words wisely.



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Proven Psychological Principles - Immediately implementable for Action-Takers!

In this presentation, you’ll receive ten proven psychological “brain hacks” that you can implement immediately! This will completely transform your marketing and help you find more cash buyers and motivated sellers and make more deals than ever before.

No one else is digging this deep into the brains of your potential deals.

We live in the greatest time to become a real estate investor. Why? Because you have so many channels to find and communicate with your audience… and you can do it from your office, home, car, or even the beach.

Combine today’s technology with simple proven marketing and copywriting strategies to explode your deals and even build multiple passive streams of income that you may not have considered, including coaching, info products, and more.

Aaron Hoos is the world’s only exclusive real estate investing copywriter, an established expert on the field.

He is the author of the Real Estate Investing Copywriter’s Playbook - and he’s going to deliver a presentation power-packed with tips on writing good copy!

As an investor and as a seasoned copywriter with more than a decade of experience working for some of the best-known investors (you’ve probably heard of them), he brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and insight to investors to help them start, grow and scale thriving real estate investing businesses.

Additionally, Aaron has his own investment portfolio, and that makes him uniquely qualified as someone who has skin in the game. 

He exclusively writes real estate investing copy and has done so for many of the big names in the real estate world.

Over the years, Aaron has helped thousands of investors generate hundreds of millions of dollars in deals by building compelling marketing strategies that get results.

And he’s going to help you do the same!

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  • Get inside the brains of your cash buyers and motivated sellers so you can connect and close them just like the pros do.
  • Skip over the frustrating time-wasters and tire-kickers and find the REAL action-takers who are ready to make a deal with you now.
  • Discover the magic keywords that will have more prospective cash buyers and motivated sellers begging you to close a deal!