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Vinney Chopra

Give Back and Invest

The truth is out. Senior housing and multifamily markets are on the rise. Giving back to seniors who have contributed so much to our society by investing in luxurious spaces for clients to create community is one goal that Vinney (Smile) Chopra is proud to strive toward.

Vinney has already invested hours of mentorship and guidance to hundreds of people to create wealth through multifamily and senior real estate investing, and now he is ready to help you get started on your investment journey. 

Vinney Chopra



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It’s Not All About the Money! 

Vinney might be the most positive force in the real estate industry. Nicknamed “Smile” by his clients and other voices in real estate investing, Vinney identifies his resilient positivity as a huge contributor to his success. A shift in mindset led Vinney to create an empire out of a dream. Before you catch Vinney’s session, make sure to read up on his free ebook published on Amazon, Positivity over Profitability. Vinney’s session will give you, even as a newbie investor, all the tools you need to:

  • Choose the right market
  • Fund your investments through syndication
  • Get your foot in the door with real estate investing
  • Cultivate and sustain a positive mindset to empower your portfolio growth

    If you haven’t already heard from Vinney on a BiggerPockets podcast episode, read up on one of his ebooks, or come across his advice-packed Youtube videos, then you have to catch Vinney’s anticipated seminar session at the Real Estate Masters Summit. Come with questions and leave feeling inspired, with a plan to make your first investments!

    Surprisingly, Vinney’s session at the Summit is completely free! Join at no cost, and don’t forget to sign up now to reserve your virtual seat!

You Have to Start Somewhere 

Investing is overwhelming for a beginner. Various markets compete for your attention and money. However, it is vital that you choose the right market for your portfolio.

Vinney met the same challenges when he was finding his footing in the industry of real estate investing. Now, as a seasoned professional in senior housing investing, Vinney will be sharing his insights as to why he predicts the senior housing market will remain one of the strongest markets for the next thirty years

Do you want to be part of this growing market? Don’t miss out on Vinney’s insider session on why this market could be profitable for you.  

For starters, where will you get money to fund your projects? Vinney’s session will explain how he utilized syndications to help him reach his financial goals to create long-term generational wealth. After thirty-five years of investing, Vinney is sharing his secrets on how he’s used his initial investments to create his path to financial freedom.