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Paige Panzarello

Creating Wealth, Passive Income, and Financial Freedom Through Notes

Paige Panzarello, also known as the “The Cashflow Chick,” is bringing a power-packed presentation to the Real Estate Masters Summit. As an investor and entrepreneur, her 25+ years of investing experience includes founding and running her own residential and commercial construction and acquisition companies, fix and flip, buy and hold, and tax deeds/liens, (to name a few) which led her to her current passion: Non-performing Notes. Paige has completed over $150MM in real estate transactions, and she is going to share with you how you too can create wealth the way banks do (hint: by becoming the Bank)!

Paige Panzarello



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How to Create Your Wealth Destiny

What do you need right now? Do you need to supplement your income for monthly obligations, build your retirement, pay for your kids’ tuition; or do you just want to be able to take a great yearly vacation or buy a new car?

Have a meeting with yourself and determine what you need right now as an investor. Is it chunks of cash, streams of monthly cash flow, or both (and what are the amounts you need right now)? What do your risk tolerances look like? Do you want to be an active or a passive investor?

Once you determine what your “what” is, that will guide how you choose to invest your money at the moment. Have this meeting with yourself at least once a year because this changes as you grow as an investor.

Over $150 Million in Real Estate Transactions so Far

Paige spends NO money on marketing for deals. She will teach you how to have deals coming straight into your inbox.

Though she is also experienced in residential and commercial real estate, Paige has been purchasing non-performing notes (distressed mortgages) since 2014. The company that she founded, The Tryllion Group, invests in notes across the country.

In her presentation, Paige will drill down into the details of what to look for, how to perform due diligence, and most importantly, how to mitigate risk.

Her presentation at the Real Estate Masters Summit will also explain how to get into the nitty-gritty details to be a successful note buyer.

Paige is also driven to help educate people on the importance of passive income, deal evaluation, and money and debt management. 

She wants everyone to elevate their situation and become independent so that when “life happens,” people will be ready to stand strong and not crumble.

After the events of last year, we all could stand to bolster our finances and secure our future - and this presentation will show you how.

Roll Up Your Sleeves - It’s Time To Get To Work!

Are you ready to improve your life? Paige is dedicated to helping people improve their lives in every way. She lives by the motto, “People first, profit second.” And she is excited to help you improve your life once you attend her presentation!

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