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  • Date: 2021, June 1 - June 7
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Find out how to dramatically grow your business the easy way, from the leaders in real estate through a 7-Day Free Online Summit!

For a limited time, sign up for a FREE ticket to the Summit!









Our Event Speakers

Listen to the leaders who have been there, spending years dialing for dollars, knocking on doors, and enduring all kinds of rejection and drudgery. Not only chasing leads but the wrong ones, and wasting hours on deals that don't close.

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

They’ve made the mistakes and learned the lessons so you don’t have to!


Avery Carl

The Short Term Shop

Avery Carl was named one of Wall Street Journal’s Top 100 and Newsweek’s Top 500 agents in 2020. She and her team at The Short Term Shop focus exclusively on Vacation Rental and Short Term Rental clients.

Don Miller

Donald Miller

Author of 'Building a StoryBrand' & 'Marketing Made Simple'

Donald Miller is the CEO of Business Made Simple. His keynote at the Real Estate Masters Summit will equip you with strategies, tools, and techniques that will help you grow your Real Estate business.

tristan ahumada

Tristan Ahumada

Lab Coat Agents, Fortune 500 Consultant

With years of building and operating Lab Coat Agents, while simultaneously selling luxury real estate, Tristan will share how his passion for tech, real estate, and marketing has influenced his formula for higher lead conversion. He’ll teach you how to cultivate a long-term following on social media to build deep relationships with potential clients.

Scott Meyers

Self Storage Investing

Scott Meyers, one of the leading names in the self-storage industry and a renowned member of the Forbes Real Estate Council, has been investing in self-storage since 2005 and will give his session attendees the surprising reasons why self-storage is seeing continued success even during the COVID pandemic.

We’ve got you covered with 42 of the world’s very best titans of real estate to guide you to success!

Exclusive Replays

Our Previous Event Speakers 

Listen to the leaders who have been there, spending years dialing for dollars, knocking on doors, and enduring all kinds of rejection and drudgery. Not only chasing leads but the wrong ones, and wasting hours on deals that don't close.

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

They’ve made the mistakes and learned the lessons so you don’t have to!

Avery Carl

Short Term Rentals

5 Steps to Financial Independence Through Real Estate Investing

Avery Carl was named one of Wall Street Journal’s Top 100 and Newsweek’s Top 500 agents in 2020. She and her team at The Short Term Shop focus exclusively on Vacation Rental and Short Term Rental clients.

Donald Miller

Real Estate Marketing

How the Power of Story Can Grow Your Business

This keynote talk by one of the world’s leading marketing wizards will help you understand exactly what your customers are looking for.

From this deep understanding of your target market, you will be able to create your story and tell it in a way that will speak to them on a deep, meaningful level!

Dwaine Clark

Net Lease Properties

Generating Cash Flow With Net Lease Properties

Imagine owning a property where the tenant is solely responsible for paying not only rent, but also some (or even, all) of the costs associated with insurance, utilities, maintenance, taxes, and repairs!

Does it sound like a dream come true? Not at all - these are Single Tenant Net Lease properties - a seemingly hidden jewel in the real estate world.

Wakefield Li

Real Estate Investing

Build a Multi-Million Dollar Portfolio

Have you always been curious about how to start with real estate investing? Or are you a new investor looking to start growing your business from the ground up? 

Wakefield Li, investing guru and coach, will decode how to get started in building your real estate portfolio with three simple steps: Personalize, Source, and Scale.

Gogo Bethke

Real Estate Marketing

Grow Your Social Media Account

Do you have a thriving social media account? Social media has potential clients following you and watching your journey and story (and listings!) so building an account with a great presence and reach is a massive investment into yourself.

But how do you grow your account organically without using pushy, salesy techniques that one encounters on every corner of social media. And how does growing your follower count help you grow your bank account?

The Social Media Queen, Gogo Bethke, is here to show you how.

Kris Reid

Real Estate Marketing

Most Businesses Fail - Here’s How to Make Yours One of the Few Successes

The truth is that most businesses fail. They don't fail because the entrepreneur isn't working hard enough, and they don't fail because they've got bad products or services. Most businesses fail simply because they can't get enough customers.

Kris Reid has developed a simple system to get your message in front of your ideal customer to predictably grow your business. And that’s exactly what he is going to share with us in his presentation at the Real Estate Masters Summit.

Des Woodruff

Real Estate Investing

Add Crypto Investments to Your Portfolio!

At the present moment, trading cryptocurrency is red hot! Entrepreneur and businessman Des Woodruff will be your guide through the world of cryptocurrency.

Cryptos are providing amazing returns on investments for people who know what they’re doing. Des will show you trading strategies that will put you on a winning path.

Kevin Day


The Simplified Guide to Protecting Your Assets

As a highly sought-after speaker at business conferences around the globe, Kevin has a unique ability to make complex issues understandable. In his talk, he will educate you about the legal system and provide you with concrete strategies that you can use.

Aaron Martinez

Real Estate Marketing

How to Attract Clients Who Beg to Work with YOU for FREE

Are you tired of the antiquated ways of marketing and selling? Cold calling, door knocking - these are tedious and old methods that no longer apply to today’s fast-paced digital world.

Instead of chasing business, you want to attract it. But how does one do that when just starting out in the real estate world?

Aaron Martinez from “The Real Estate Marketing Guys” will show you how!

Aaron specializes in helping real estate brokers, agents, and team leaders generate high-quality leads that are already warm - that’s right: They are seeking you! He has executed brand deals and consulted with companies including Nasdaq, Coke, Snapchat, and the big one - Zillow!

Aaron Hoos

Real Estate Marketing

The Importance of Good Copy: Find More Cash Buyers and Motivated Sellers

Writing good copy is an art, and customizing it to the real estate world is essential if you want to get more cash buyers, encounter more motivated sellers, and seek out partners and coaching students.

In order for your business to grow, you must get the word out there. And it’s important to choose those words wisely.

Maggie Ives

Luxury Real Estate

Finding Your Dream Home in Naples, Florida

Did you know that you can invest and live in luxury simultaneously? Maggie Ives makes it possible. Naples, Florida, is one of the few regions where the market has remained reliably steady for sellers and buyers. Located beachside with luscious green palms and a salty breeze, this is not only your dream city, but it is your future investment in a buyer-centric market.

With over thirty years of experience in Old Naples and Port Royal, Maggie Ives is one of the leading agents in the area that has seen the market accumulate wealth throughout her tenure as a real estate professional. Property in Naples not only provides for a boutique living experience, but it also provides a safe haven for your cash outside of Wall Street.

Paige Panzarello

Real Estate Investing

Creating Wealth, Passive Income, and Financial Freedom Through Notes

Paige Panzarello, also known as the “The Cashflow Chick,” is bringing a power-packed presentation to the Real Estate Masters Summit. 

As an investor and entrepreneur, her 25+ years of investing experience includes founding and running her own residential and commercial construction and acquisition companies, fix and flip, buy and hold, and tax deeds/liens, (to name a few) which led her to her current passion: Non-performing Notes. Paige has completed over $150MM in real estate transactions, and she is going to share with you how you too can create wealth the way banks do (hint: by becoming the Bank)!

Mike Swanny

Real Estate Marketing

Because Just Having a License Isn’t Enough

Mike knows the key to real estate is relationship building. When you are an expert, marketing your business becomes easy. People want to make the wisest financial decision of their life with someone they know, like, and trust.

This is why Mike will share his tried-and-true strategies to build and sustain a consistent database with lead generation systems marketing.

Jeff Greenberg

Real Estate Syndication

Diversify Your Syndication Investments

Jeff has managed all aspects of commercial real estate, including acquisitions, operations, value-add properties, dispositions, and investor relations and knows all about what can go wrong, what methods work best, and how to grow and succeed as an investor. 

His goal is to share his wisdom to help real estate professionals invest in the right properties and create professional relationships that will ensure they succeed in diversifying and growing their portfolios.

Vinney Chopra

Senior Real Estate Investing

Give Back and Invest

The truth is out. Senior housing and multifamily markets are on the rise. Giving back to seniors who have contributed so much to our society by investing in luxurious spaces for clients to create community is one goal that Vinney (Smile) Chopra is proud to strive toward.

Vinney has already invested hours of mentorship and guidance to hundreds of people to create wealth through multifamily and senior real estate investing, and now he is ready to help you get started on your investment journey.

Bill Manassero

Real Estate Investing

How to Retire by Investing in Real Estate Out of State

Are you someone who thinks they have missed their window of opportunity to step into the real estate world?
Or perhaps you are locked into your current non-real estate business and want to see it through. And by the time you’ve accomplished your vision, you may be older and not know where to start.

But by listening to Bill Manassero’s talk, you’ll come out so much wiser than your peers that you’ll get a head start!

Kimberly Marie

Real Estate Investing

From Making Less than $30,000 a Year to a Portfolio of $3.3M

Kimberly has pivoted strategies a number of times as she went on her journey learning about different ways to create financial upside through investment property. The way she does things is very unique from the way she finds her deals, target areas, and the way she buys.

She will teach you how to make money on the BUY rather than on the SELL!

Gil Sperling

Real Estate Technology

Reinventing How People Find Property

How can new technology help your real estate business grow?

Dating apps like Tinder and Hinge revolutionized the way people meet each other. What was once full of stigma has now become the number one way people meet with each other and enter into romantic relationships. It has enabled people to match with people they never would have encountered otherwise.

Perhaps that’s the concept that Gil Sperling was applying to the real estate world when he co-created Flow. Flow is a proptech (property technology) company that leverages the largest social platforms in the world to match people with property.

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