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Aaron Martinez

How to Attract Clients Who Beg to Work with YOU for FREE

Are you tired of the antiquated ways of marketing and selling? Cold calling, door knocking - these are tedious and old methods that no longer apply to today’s fast-paced digital world. 

Instead of chasing business, you want to attract it. But how does one do that when just starting out in the real estate world? 

Aaron Martinez from “The Real Estate Marketing Guys” will show you how! 

Aaron specializes in helping real estate brokers, agents, and team leaders generate high-quality leads that are already warm - that’s right: They are seeking you! He has executed brand deals and consulted with companies including Nasdaq, Coke, Snapchat, and the big one - Zillow! 



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Don’t Go Chasing Numbers or Counting “Failures”

If you want something, keep trying to achieve it even if you fail over and over again. We’re all familiar with the famous Edison quote: I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.

 Although it might seem cliche and overused, patience and consistency are MASSIVE on YouTube. Building a channel for your business that brings in a consistent stream of referrals for FREE is nearly unheard of, but it can be done.

 Anyone who has tried out YouTube has been in a position where they are constantly looking at the numbers. And the numbers are never good enough. They fall into the trap of asking themselves, “Is this ever going to actually work?” or “Why is this taking so long?”

Aaron made thousands of videos on over 15 channels that failed in the span of seven years. But in consistently putting out content, he amassed over 170,000 subscribers that led to many of his brand deals and consulting gigs.

In more recent years, he has narrowed his focus on working closely with real estate companies and managing everything from end to end on the digital front. This makes him a fantastic resource to learn from!

Aaron worked as the head of marketing and video at one of the largest brokerages on the East Coast. At Zillow, he helped launch and grow the brand via Snapchat as well as contributed to developing their YouTube strategy.

Fall In Love with the Process

Would you want the opportunity to learn from someone who has, collectively with business partners, helped over a thousand realtors to generate over 100,000 leads? Before ever establishing his career as a marketing specialist, Aaron Martinez started creating video content on YouTube at the age of 14! And along the way, he learned a ton about creating fun content and fell in love with the process. 

Rather than comparing yourself to other YouTubers, constantly questioning your competence, or generally wondering if YouTubing is right for you, simply start focusing on creating content that will help your audience. 

His love for his art will be obvious to you in his presentation at the Real Estate Masters Summit and inspire you to get your own video channel off the ground in order to attract better leads that turn into deals.

Learn Step-by-Step Formulas and Frameworks to Avoid Mistakes

Here’s what you’ll learn about deploying an effective YouTube Channel:

1. When it comes to YouTube, most agents are posting the WRONG types of content. We’ll uncover the right types of content that generate buyers and sellers.

2. A ton of agents that already have YouTube channels are just two steps away from seeing success. Aaron will go over those two steps to make sure you can walk away seeing growth.

3. Most people just “wing it” when they create videos. But you’ll get a video framework that boosts confidence and actually gives you something to follow throughout the video creation process.

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