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Des Woodruff

Add Crypto Investments to Your Portfolio!

At the present moment, trading cryptocurrency is red hot! Entrepreneur and businessman Des Woodruff will be your guide through the world of cryptocurrency.

Cryptos are providing amazing returns on investments for people who know what they’re doing. Des will show you trading strategies that will put you on a winning path.

Des Woodruff



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Create an Investment Strategy

Constantly refreshing Coinbase and checking price movements won’t help you succeed. You need an investment strategy, and to create it, you need intel from professionals in the business.

Des has been educating people from more than 160 countries on successful trading strategies and smart investments. He wants to teach others how to utilize his market knowledge to calculate and predict future demands and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

He’s best known for investing in Acumen, which includes a proprietary trading algorithm. This trading algorithm is a sophisticated computer program that sends buy and sell signals for various securities such as stocks, ETFs, and, of course, cryptocurrencies.

In this fast-paced world, it has never been more important to recognize and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Des will give you the necessary tools and real-life examples of smart investing so you can succeed in your investing endeavors.

Don’t Be Afraid of Crypto’s Volatility!

Investors across the world aren’t entering the crypto market because they’re afraid. And fear comes when you don’t have enough information and knowledge about the market fluctuations.

You shouldn’t miss amazing investment opportunities just because you’re scared! Learn how cryptos work with the help of the founder and CEO of Grok Trade Des Woodruff.

Price volatility of cryptos only matter in the short term, but you want to invest for the long term gains. Hold your investments until the time is right. It can be scary, but with smart investing, you’ll surpass other investors and highly increase your returns.

Former stock mentor for the brand Rich Dad, Poor Dad is known for his bold and savvy investment strategies. Now he’s sharing the knowledge you need to conquer the crypto market.

There isn’t a 100% safe investment that’s highly profitable. Sure, bonds are safe, but their returns aren’t high. 

Real estate is safer than stocks, but you need to know the market to make it work. The same goes for cryptocurrencies. They can be risky if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Des Woodruff is a pioneer that successfully seizes new opportunities in every market. He knows how to recognize and catch investments, and he’ll teach you how to do the same. There isn’t a better person to learn from than him.

After two decades of starting businesses, negotiating business partnerships, and making countless successful business deals, Des Woodruff has positioned himself as the authority on trading cryptocurrencies. He hosts one of the nation’s largest trading clubs, and he’s a moderator for the world’s largest Facebook page for cryptocurrency.

Avoid Shortcuts and Short-Term Profits!

Your mind must be on long-term gains. Find a mentor or a coach before you make the first trade to help you keep your mind on the goals. When you learn from expert traders, you won’t make rookie mistakes and lose all your money. You’ll learn the basics and get the necessary tools so you can advance in the trading world.

“There are no shortcuts to excellence. Only with hard work, dedication, and mentorship support, you’ll get where you want to be.”

Listen to Des speak and empower yourself to weather any storm and get through the foreseeable recession by investing in cryptos.