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Gogo Bethke

Grow Your Social Media Account (And Your Bank Account!)

Do you have a thriving social media account? Social media has potential clients following you and watching your journey and story (and listings!) so building an account with a great presence and reach is a massive investment into yourself. 

But how do you grow your account organically without using pushy, salesy techniques that one encounters on every corner of social media. And how does growing your follower count help you grow your bank account?

The Social Media Queen, Gogo Bethke, is here to show you how.



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Do the Work and Win Big!

When you watch Gogo’s keynote on the Real Estate Masters Summit, you’ll learn hands-on tips that facilitate organic promotion of your social media account. There’s no ceiling to what’s possible and achievable as long as you put in the work day after day.

With more than 55,000 followers on Instagram, Gogo has achieved many accolades, such as winning the 2 Comma Club Award, being within the top 3% of realtors in the nation, #1 Social Media Realtor in Michigan (2020 and 2021), and #16 Social Media Realtor in the nation. No wonder she has been dubbed The Social Media Queen!

Tell Me I Can’t Do Something; I’ll Do It Twice and Take a Selfie

In 2003, Gogo arrived from Romania to build her American dream. She started in Real Estate in 2011; she had no SOI, no experience, barely spoke English, and had $6 to her name.
That was when she started to build her business organically, with the power of social media. Gogo has now done over $75 million in personal transactions!

With ten years of experience in real estate, Gogo will tell you how she built her business with the power of social media. You will want to learn from this queen, who has tons of experience teaching thousands of people just like you through her two bootcamps: the Agent Attraction Bootcamp and the Gogo's Bootcamp.

Gogo believes that if it has been done before, she can recreate it again, and she believes that for her audience, too. So, if she came from nothing and managed to raise millions, her belief is that you can, too, and in her presentation at the Real Estate Masters Summit, you will see how she embodies this belief in everything she does. “If they tell me that I can’t do it, I’ll do it twice and take a selfie!” she says. 

Are You Ready to Grow Your Brand and Business to the Next Level?

We all know that if you are the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room. Learning how to network and reach more people, constantly looking to grow and improve - these are probably the qualities that brought you to the Real Estate Masters Summit in the first place! And it’s a philosophy that you and Gogo have in common. She wants to share with you the ways she gets herself into events and training, how she meets the right people and networks with them, and what she brings to the table when she puts on an event.

Her talk is bound to be packed with value and immediately actionable for you, so don’t miss these insider, off-the-beaten-path tips and techniques to grow your social media following - and your bank account!

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