Real Estate Masters Summit
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Featured Speaker

Maggie Ives

Live in Luxury

Did you know that you can invest and live in luxury simultaneously? Maggie Ives makes it possible. Naples, Florida, is one of the few regions where the market has remained reliably steady for sellers and buyers. Located beachside with luscious green palms and a salty breeze, this is not only your dream city, but it is your future investment in a buyer-centric market.

With over thirty years of experience in Old Naples and Port Royal, Maggie Ives is one of the leading agents in the area that has seen the market accumulate wealth throughout her tenure as a real estate professional. Property in Naples not only provides for a boutique living experience, but it also provides a safe haven for your cash outside of Wall Street. 

Summit Starting on 1st June 2021


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An Investment You Can Experience 

It’s hard to say no to vacation. With sunny mornings, wide streets to bicycle to the beach, and moderate temperatures, Naples, Florida, allows you to live in vacation-land all year. Even driving to work feels like a Sunday afternoon joyride. Properties that are situated in such luxe environments keep their high-property value, and you can enjoy the day-to-day benefits of Naples, too. 

Naples, Florida, has one of the lowest property tax rates in the whole of Florida. Compared to other coastal cities like San Diego or Los Angeles, Naples has some of the lowest waterfront home prices in the state, creating a cost-effective paradise for boaters and beachgoers. With a low cost of living and high property value that you can live in, Naples is a hidden gem for an affluent beachside investment!

Maggie Ives

Work with a Local Expert in the Luxury Market

Every day, Maggie is surrounded by the city she loves the most- Naples, Florida. After helping hundreds of couples and families find their dream homes next to white sand beaches with schools that will create a path for their child’s success, Maggie is ready to spill her insights on the market.

Now is the time to buy.

Maggie’s session will let you preview the Naples lifestyle. From hitting the green in one the nation’s golf capitals to exploring the area’s high-end shopping centers, Maggie’s expertise will let virtual attendees in on the ease of life in the Naples waterfront community.

Her passion for the community is coupled with her master knowledge of how to navigate the market to give buyers leverage during sales discussions, mortgage pre-approval, and how to attract the best offers for buyers and sellers.

Write down everything you’ve ever wanted and dreamed of. Do you imagine crystal clear infinity pools outside your kitchen window? Greenways only a short walk away from your front door? Or high-end education opportunities for your kids?

If you share your vision, Maggie will make it happen.

Join in on Maggie’s FREE session to:

  • Evaluate the boutique luxury market in Naples, Florida
  •  Gain insider tricks to leveraging the deal you deserve
  • Analyze Naples property investment as a stable addition to your investment portfolio

    Don’t miss out on learning about one of the most cost-effective beachfront markets in 2021. The Real Estate Masters Summit is excited to announce that Maggie Ives’ FREE session is open to all potential buyers and sellers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions about the Summit? We have answered the most frequently asked questions.

What is the Real Estate Masters Summit?

This Virtual Summit is the premier Real Estate event of 2021. With 42 successful Real Estate Experts holding training and discussions that show real estate professionals like you their tips and tricks for success. Don’t reinvent the wheel! Learn from the mistakes they’ve made.

For 7 days,discover strategies, playbooks, and best practices that are working RIGHT NOW from the top SEO experts that you can implement in your own business. And learn from their biggest fails so you don’t have to make the same mistakes or get penalized by Google.


Do I need to travel to attend the summit?

This is a completely online, virtual summit, saving you thousands of dollars, unpaid work leave, and time away from your family. You don’t even need to leave your house, as you can log in and listen to the speakers from your computer or phone. If you upgrade your ticket, you have unlimited access to replay the speakers at your leisure!

When can I watch the Summit videos?

The Real Estate Summit’s exclusive talks will be held over 7 days, with 5 to 7 videos released each day and available for 24 hours for free. We recommend you sign up for your free ticket now to get the links to the videos delivered directly to your email inbox.

Should I upgrade my ticket?

When you upgrade your free ticket, you’ll have unlimited access to replay the talks whenever you want. This is the best option for busy real estate professionals! Upgrade your ticket and get the links to the videos in your email inbox, and stored in your account on the site.

Is the summit a good option for me if I’m new to real estate?

Definitely. This Summit will give you direct access to leaders in Real Estate so that you don’t have to guess about how to become successful in this industry. You’ll hear tips and proven strategies that have worked for these top experts in Real Estate.

Does the summit work for multi-family real estate investors?

YES - this Summit brings together a wide variety of successful minds in the Real Estate Industry, from real estate agents, to accredited investors, to real estate coaches. They’ll cover a wide range of topics, from the best passive investing strategies to investing in commercial real estate, to how to get accredited investors for your property investment deal.