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Bill Manassero

How to Retire by Investing in Real Estate Out of State

Are you someone who thinks they have missed their window of opportunity to step into the real estate world?
Or perhaps you are locked into your current non-real estate business and want to see it through. And by the time you’ve accomplished your vision, you may be older and not know where to start.

But by coming to Bill Manassero’s talk, you’ll come out so much wiser than your peers that you’ll get a head start!



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Using Real Estate as a Means to Fund Your Retirement

Bill works with investors to educate them on starting real estate investing at a later age. He started investing in real estate at the age of 59 and built a 900+ unit portfolio in a matter of 6 years. He’s going to teach you his principles, philosophies, and practices to help you achieve financial freedom no matter your age.

Whether you are far from retiring, almost retired, or already retired, you deserve to enjoy the later seasons of your life. However, not everyone has the ability, knowledge, or resources to plan things out ahead of time. With car loans, house loans, and student loans, many people have enough trouble getting out of the debt they have accumulated in their early years, much less stash away money for the future. 

Bill has found a way to generate cash flow at any age by investing in real estate, and he is here to teach you how to do it. He has educated a number of investors already and keeps growing his own and his followers’ knowledge base with his podcast, where he interviews highly accomplished guests, such as Robert Kiyosaki, Ken McElroy, David Lindahl, and Mike Michalowicz. 

Live Your Life to the Fullest Without Worrying About the Future

Bill Manassero has had an amazing life - he was a businessman and an entrepreneur, a professional musician, the founder of a nonprofit organization (Child Hope International) in Haiti to help children who needed it the most. He has met with Ronald Reagan, has been interviewed by Oprah (!), and even had a CNN documentary made about his life’s work in Haiti. 

Now he enjoys a comfortable life holding close to a thousand units that he accumulated in under six years, starting at age 59. At the Real Estate Masters Summit, he will teach you exactly how he did it! He will go into details on topics such as: 

  • How to invest in real estate out-of-state and how to invest later in life
  • What the stealth tenant market is and how a “house mom” can help you manage apartments too small for onsite property management
  • How to create the retirement you want
  • How to leave behind a legacy for your children and grandchildren, even if you haven’t planned everything out yet

Are you ready to get your finances together for your retirement? Then you don’t want to miss Bill’s talk!