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Jeff Greenberg

Are you looking to diversify your syndication investments but don’t know where to start?

Jeff Greenberg is the right mentor that can help propel you to take the leap! Jeff is the CEO of his own company, Synergetic Investment Group, LLC, which has been involved in projects worth nearly $50 million and which holds over 1,100 units in Texas, Georgia, Arizona, and Ohio, including over 300 student housing beds.

Jeff has managed all aspects of commercial real estate, including acquisitions, operations, value-add properties, dispositions, and investor relations and knows all about what can go wrong, what methods work best, and how to grow and succeed as an investor. His goal is to share his wisdom to help real estate professionals invest in the right properties and create professional relationships that will ensure they succeed in diversifying and growing their portfolios.



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Success in Real Estate is About Helping Each Other

You can succeed in almost any industry by adding value to someone else’s life. Persistence is another essential characteristic that ultimately pays off. Jeff believes that finding that internal motivation and the right mentors is the foundation for achieving concrete results and long-term success in real estate. By building relationships, real estate professionals like you can learn of unique investment opportunities, diversify their investments and make it big in the syndication niche. 

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Growing up as an introvert, Jeff had found speaking to others terrifying. It was a difficult step for him to come out of his shell and push himself to take charge in business. In order to do that, Jeff knew he needed a bit of help. So, he decided to attend the Toastmasters. He realized that he would be uncomfortable until he wasn’t anymore and the key was to practice, practice, practice. 

Be focused on the long-term vision of where you want to be with your life and business and know that you won’t get there if you stay in your comfort zone. To run a business, communication is essential to building the right alliances, ensuring all employees are satisfied and that multiple areas of the business are running smoothly. Choose growth over fear, and you’ll be rewarded with many open doors!


It’s Not How Much You Make

It’s How Much You Keep

After reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, Jeff realized that his own retirement savings might not sustain his lifestyle following the loss of his house in a divorce. Real estate seemed like the key to creating the stability he sought, and soon enough, he found his niche in student housing investing. For multifamily investors, student housing offers both similar and diversification opportunities, and success truly comes down to finding the right opportunities and markets.

Syndication 101: Study the Market, Confirm the Value-Add Opportunity, and Ensure the Sponsor is Reliable

To be successful, syndicators require great deals and equity. Thoroughly researched, thought-out, and  

vetted deals are one of a kind, and having the right equity and partnerships is the ultimate win.

Another big aspect of multifamily investing success is sponsorship due diligence! In fact, Jeff believes the sponsor is the most important part of the deal. Most investors only look at the deal and whether it looks good on paper, but they forget to do their homework about the person who is in charge of the show. Jeff thinks this is more important than the deal itself and should take precedence when making serious investment decisions. 

The best way to vet a sponsor is by asking for multiple references that can vouch for the sponsor’s ability to conduct deals professionally and transparently. You can also decide to conduct a criminal check, just to be on the safe side!