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Wakefield Li

Build a Multi-Million Dollar Portfolio

 Have you always been curious about how to start with real estate investing? Or are you a new investor looking to start growing your business from the ground up? Wakefield Li, investing guru and coach, will decode how to get started in building your real estate portfolio with three simple steps: Personalize, Source, and Scale.  

Right out of university, Wakefield purchased his first investment property at 26 years old. Two years later, he built a multi-million dollar portfolio that continues to grow high-profit margins. Now, Wakefield’s portfolio, comprising 81 multi-family units, is worth over $4M.  

So, how can you jumpstart your portfolio? 



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Strategically Scale Your Business.

The future you is sitting back and watching your initial investment transform into an efficient revenue machine. This is the scenario that all new investors want to become a reality. In Wakefield's session, he will lay out a specific action plan so that you can nurture your initial investments into a valuable business.

Take notes from an active professional in the field who grew his business from just 43 units to 81 multi-family units in just two years. Using his own experience and education, he’lllead you to execute the business plans you’ve always dreamed of!

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Personalize to Maximize Your Investments 

Wakefield says that it’s all about patience. Take stock of your own personal resources, knowledge, and comfort level to decide how you want to invest in real estate. Educate yourself on which investment opportunity will work for you and increase your chances of success to minimize potential mistakes.

Before you start investing, it is vital to make smart investment choices that are right for you. Building a real estate portfolio can be a daunting task. Within the real estate sector, there are multiple niches to dive into and ways to manage your portfolio.

Wakefield will coach you in securing the most lucrative investment opportunities.

Finding your niche with whatever amount of money or time that you are willing to invest will determine how you can personalize your portfolio to maximize your dividends. Wakefield’s expertise in multi-family real estate investing has been proven to pay off, and he’s ready to get you started on your customized investment journey with professional tried-and-true guidance.

Get Creative. Get Educated. Level-Up Your Portfolio.

Rookie mistakes come from a lack of education. Wakefield attributes his monumental success to hitting the books, seeking out leading experts, and working with a strong local team. Feeling like you still don’t know where to start?

Let him coach you on the basics himself. In Wakefield’s session, he will highlight the mentors that led him to success and provide newbie investors with the right resources to add to their Investing Bible.

With the right research and education under your belt, virtual attendees will analyze different methods for financing their first investments and how to be the most creative in sourcing funds. Creativity and an action-oriented team pave the way to sustainably growing a profitable portfolio.