Residential Real Estate Summit Georgia

November 29th, 2022 | Online

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If you are an ambitious agent in Georgia ready to skyrocket your business, this summit is for YOU! Get ready for a full day of Real Estate proficiency around the State of Georgia. Broadcasting online so that you can easily fit it into your daily routine! 

We have wonderful speakers sharing their genius! Our speakers have enticing, engaging keynotes embedded in educational bulletins.  

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    Summits Speakers Include

    Teresa Cowart

    Building a Profitable Team

    Lisa Bernstein

    The Fear of the Shift & 5 Points to CALM the Fear

    Peter Vekselman

    Succeeding in a Very Unorganized Industry

    Rachel Davenport

    How To Love Your Listings

    Russel Barber

    Negotiation with Buyers and Sellers

    Sherwin Loudermilk

    5 Ways to Drive More Sales By Working with a Custom Builder

    Justin Woodall

    How To Double Your Income Without Getting More Leads

    Reshema & Jacques Mountain

    What it takes to be a Home Inspector in Georgia?

    Jacqueline Gouldbourne

    Educating Home Buyers

    Past Summits Speakers Include

    Avery Carl

    5 Steps to Financial Independence Through Real Estate Investing

    Donald Miller

    How the Power of Story Can Grow Your Business

    Dwaine Clark

    Generating Cash Flow With Net Lease Properties

    Wakefield Li

    Build a Multi-Million Dollar Portfolio

    Gogo Bethke

    Grow Your Social Media Account

    Kris Reid

    Most Businesses Fail - Here’s How to Make Yours One of the Few Successes

    Des Woodruff

    Add Crypto Investments to Your Portfolio!

    Kevin Day

    The Simplified Guide to Protecting Your Assets

    Aaron Martinez

    How to Attract Clients Who Beg to Work with YOU for FREE

    Aaron Hoos

    The Importance of Good Copy: Find More Cash Buyers and Motivated Sellers

    Maggie Ives

    Finding Your Dream Home in Naples, Florida

    Paige Panzarello

    Creating Wealth, Passive Income, and Financial Freedom Through Notes

    Mike Swanny

    Because Just Having a License Isn’t Enough

    Jeff Greenberg

    Diversify Your Syndication Investments

    Vinney Chopra

    Give Back and Invest

    Bill Manassero

    How to Retire by Investing in Real Estate Out of State

    Kimberly Marie

    From Making Less than $30,000 a Year to a Portfolio of $3.3M

    Gil Sperling

    Reinventing How People Find Property

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