Residential Real Estate Summit

Georgia Residential Real Estate Summit

Are you a real estate professional hoping to scale your business, increase your network, and significantly boost your bottom line? Whether you’re new or veteran, young or old, the Georgia Residential Real Estate Virtual Summit has something for you.

An unprecedented opportunity to access industry-leading tips, secrets, strategies, and advice. You’ll hear from real estate experts across the full spectrum of topics, covering everything from marketing optimization to robust investments, profitable partnerships, home building and inspecting, and more.

Don’t miss a crucial opportunity to capitalize on the Georgia markets. The keynote speakers are specially selected for their sterling resumes and years of expert experience. They have seen the industry from all conceivable angles and know what it takes to succeed.

The best part is, you can tune in and out however you please! The summit is tailored to the needs of all real estate professionals, meaning you may hear and learn things you’ve never even considered. In short, the event is a veritable goldmine of information.

Welcome to the Georgia Residential Real Estate Summit!

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Speakers and Presentations

Teresa Cowart

Building a Profitable Team

Lisa Bernstein

The Fear of the Shift & 5 Points to CALM the Fear

Peter Vekselman

Succeeding in a Very Unorganized Industry

Rachel Davenport

How To Love Your Listings

Russel Barber

Negotiation with Buyers and Sellers

Sherwin Loudermilk

5 Ways to Drive More Sales By Working with a Custom Builder

Justin Woodall

How To Double Your Income Without Getting More Leads

Reshema & Jacques Mountain

What it takes to be a Home Inspector in Georgia?

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