Featured Speaker

Justin Woodall

Justin is a husband and father to three children. He began his real estate career in 2004 as an individual agent in Athens, GA. As his business grew, he began providing opportunities for other agents and now runs a team, Woodall Realty Group brokered by eXp Realty.  The small team closes between 200-300 transactions each year and $60M-70M in volume. 

Justin focuses on leading and mentoring the agents on his team.  His latest venture is to help as many real estate agents as possible nationwide through his website, growthmindedagents.com

If you’d like to accelerate your sales and profits, Mr. Woodall’s presentation, “How To Double Your Income Without Getting More Leads” is a game-changer. You’ll learn how to quickly and effectively identify and address client needs, regardless of their property specifications. More importantly, you’ll learn how to close.

So why wait?

Mr. Woodall is one of just many amazing speakers featured at the Georgia Residential Real Estate Virtual Summit. Don’t let potential clients go elsewhere. Don’t stagnate or flounder because you’re using ineffective or mediocre strategies. Boost your real estate acumen and increase your earning potential.

Get in touch with Justin:

  • Instagram: @woodallrealtygroup