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Rachel Davenport

“How to Love Your Listings” will breathe new life into your business, helping you with strategic marketing plans, pre-listing packages, negotiations and closings, and more.

Rachel Davenport leads The Davenport Group with sincerity and profound devotion to team members and clients. Although  from humble beginnings, neither Rachel nor Joseph, her husband, and co-founder have never allowed their circumstances to determine their potential for success. As a fierce duo, they have developed solid systems and training methods allowing them to support a growing team of agents and a dynamic real estate business.

Rachel was born and raised in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in north Georgia in an off-the-grid home that was hand built by her father and mother. Her parents rejected society and raised Rachel and her sister to understand that nothing is achieved without hard work and determination. The lifestyle chosen for Rachel and her sister was a hard one, one she often hated as a child. Today, she is incredibly grateful for the struggles and the work ethic that were introduced to her throughout her childhood. Her experience developed a work ethic in her that she might otherwise never have had she been raised in a more traditional way. She bought her first house when she was 18 years old and worked three jobs to cover the mortgage payment.

Her dream was to be a chef in a high-end restaurant, so she worked long hours as a server and chef making minimal pay around the clock. The long, odd hours and the low pay were causing burnout, and when a customer suggested she get her real estate license she jumped in and ran with the opportunity.

Are you successfully capitalizing on active listings? Are your descriptions, biographies, photos, and market statistics fully optimized? Do you properly implement the key steps toward winning contracts? How are your client relationships and are you consistently generating and converting highly profitable leads?

Don’t settle for mediocrity or miss out on vital information that could energize your business. See Rachel’s presentation and other awesome presentations at the Georgia Residential Real Estate Virtual Summit!

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