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Lisa Ray-Bernstein

Lisa Ray-Bernstein is a lifelong real estate and finance expert in Athens, Georgia. 

In 1986, Lisa began her real estate career, starting from the ground up as a runner. Her work ethic and her knowledge have skyrocketed over the years. From selling houses to mortgage loans and mortgage banking to investor capital, Lisa is fluent in many correlating industries. In 2017, she sold her real estate business and moved across the country to another market to marry her husband in GA. Currently, she is the managing broker and owner of a successful boutique real estate firm in Athens, GA. 

Last year, Bernstein & Co Realty closed 177 transactions and is on track for 225 deals this year. Lisa shares her knowledge about how to grow the real estate business, how to sell real estate, and how to move between markets. Her valued input can be found in multiple podcasts and by speaking both nationally and internationally at the Mike Ferry Organization, where she was a professional real estate coach for the company. Having weathered and learned from both good and bad real estate markets throughout her career.

As you know, the Georgia real estate market is changing. Current economic conditions have forced many professionals to shift their strategies, update their approaches, and reconsider their capital allocation. Keynote speaker, Lisa Bernstein, understands this better than most.

Lisa’s presentation will address “How to Build Wealth Through Real Estate and Thrive in a Changing Market.” She has successfully weathered the challenging Georgia property market for years now and is a consummate expert in adapting to the times. Lisa proposes enriching the body, mind, and spirit. Not only does she advocate for absorbing information from sales strategy books, podcasts, and local events, but she also believes wholeheartedly in physical and spiritual fulfillment as well.

Lisa has learned how to not only survive but thrive, making her a speaker that will provide real insight and strategies drawn from actual situations.

Get in touch with Lisa:

  • Instagram: @lisarayofsunshine