Featured Speaker

Sherwin Loudermilk

Sherwin Loudermilk is the Founder & President of Loudermilk Homes, a leading award-winning custom design and construction firm in Atlanta. He started the company in 2009 after an earlier career in global software sales and web development executive at IBM.

Sherwin sets the long-term vision and strategy for Loudermilk Homes, where he created a proprietary 9-Step “Process to Perfection” that ensures quality custom craftsmanship and complete transparency on every project. Clients join meetings at key intervals to affirm that they approve the framing, placement of air vents and light fixtures, and other crucial details that make a custom home truly unique.

A consummate professional, Sherwin will speak from years of successful agent partnerships, brand optimization, and custom home construction. If you’re looking to elevate your real estate business, you need to hear this speech. 

Don’t miss out on Sherwin’s “5 Ways to Drive More Sales By Working with a Custom Builder”. Not only can you significantly boost sales by working with Georgia’s custom home builders, but you can also build your reputation and brand among your fellow professionals and clientele.

Get in touch with Sherwin:

  • Instagram: @sherwinloudermilk