Featured Speaker

Reshema & Jacques Mountain

Jacques and Reshema Mountain are two of the keynote speakers who will headline the event. Co-owners of Dream Home Inspections, Jacques and Reshema have specialized in this critical domain of the South Metro Atlanta Area since 2006. They currently lead an 8-week mentorship program that has successfully produced certified Georgia home inspectors.

The mentorship program covers a range of indispensable real estate topics, including managing tax and accounting systems, formalizing home inspection reports, business marketing and advertising, and professional field training. These areas of expertise are especially critical in Georgia, where tax rules and regulations make it easy for scammers to prey on unwitting clients.

If you become skilled in these areas, you can easily differentiate yourself from other home inspectors. Therefore, you can become a trusted name in Georgia home inspections.

So don’t delay and don’t miss out! Tune in for Jacques and Reshema as they deliver their presentation on “What it Takes to Be a Home Inspector in Georgia.”