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Speaker Signup Process

Step 1

Learn About Our Program

Read the information on this page to learn about what our Summit is all about and what attendees are looking for.

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For your request to be considered, you will need to provide a compelling topic, short bio, and basic contact info.

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What do Summit Attendees Want?

At the Real Estate Masters Summit, we aim to bring the A to Z of growing a real estate business to our attendees, who are eager to learn from a variety of leaders from different fields. Here are some of our topics to help you get an idea of what you could bring to the table:

  • Inspiring Stories: Share your own journey in the real estate industry - the mistakes you made, the way you overcame challenges, and what you’ve learned.
  • Clear, Actionable Steps: Teach them your strategies, your process for surveying markets, how you built your network, and your business from scratch.
  • Niche Markets: Do you invest in notes? Short-term rentals? Multi-family properties? Which markets lead to generating monthly cash flow, and which ones entail dramatic turnarounds within short periods?
  • Specialists in Non-Real Estate Fields: How to grow a business, invest in other types of markets (e.g. cryptocurrency), how to use SEO to grow your business, and other such topics are also in demand.