What is Proptech? ft. Gil Sperling

Author: Tomás Fonseca

Digital marketing spends excelled traditional marketing in 2020 – in the US, $151bn versus $107bn – and over 70% of global digital ad spend is spent on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Unfortunately, a big portion of the money is dissipated when advertisers don’t accurately target their audiences – which is why Performance Marketing is essential for effective reach and optimizing budgets.

Gil Sperling is a Performance Marketing expert and the CEO of Flow, a proptech platform that is shaking up how people rent and live. Proptech is just a fancy term for the application of information technology and platform economics to real estate markets, an imminent evolution we are all aware of. With a background in software engineering, Gil has always worn entrepreneur shoes. He founded many startups, some of them being sold to big multinationals like Publicis. 

On this Real Estate Masters Summit Podcast episode, Gil brings us up to speed on the marketing trends and shares the story around the creation of Flow, helping developers and Real Estate agencies, bringing in behavioral economics to make the entire renting process more affordable, more transparent, and more seamless. Flow goes straight to the source of the largest social platforms in the world – to match people with property. A borderless startup with a global ambition. 

Quotes to put on your pocket

“Proptech is evolution, not revolution”

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