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The pandemic has dealt a blow to real estate industries worldwide, especially in the US. The situation has led to massive downturns in the market.

Following this, numerous group investors have begun to lose interest in the market, instead exploring other options. Nonetheless, companies in the industry continue to generate massive returns.

It’s noteworthy that the US commercial real estate market alone is worth around $4.5 trillion, despite the effect of the pandemic on some companies.

Regardless of the recent recession, the industry is projected to grow tremendously in the future, especially in areas facing massive innovation and industrialization.

To facilitate this, a group of experts are coming together to exploit endless options that will positively impact the market in 2021.

From developing new alternatives such as technology applications and organizing innovation conferences to educate older and first-time investors about scalable real estate investing. These training programs aim to revitalize the market.

What Is Real Estate Technology?

Whether you are a CEO or Newbie, understanding the concept and its importance is key to devising innovation-driven ways

of solving issues in the industry. Real estate technology, otherwise known as property technology, focuses on information technology and platform economics applications in the general property market. Property technology encompasses property management, the infusion of innovative home technologies, automation, 3D-building, and many more technologies.

The real estate technology space continues to pave the way for advancements in the development of the market, especially in big data management and artificial intelligence.

These advancements aim to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 by changing the way the world responds to real estate trading in a virtual technology-driven world.

What’s Obtainable at Real Estate Conferences

Attending a real estate technology conference (RETCON), be it virtual or live, is an excellent way to connect with experts and knowledgeable real estate investors. RETCON offers a perfect opportunity for networking and learning about commercial real estate in various areas.

By bringing together top professionals and industry leaders (CEO, MD, influencers) in the market for a multifamily exercise, the conference is a global meeting point for sharing ideas and for fostering relationships.

All events do not come as conferences as they can also take the form of expos, event forums, email meetings, and event webinars.

Before attending real estate conferences, it’s crucial to evaluate yourself and your services by asking yourself a few questions so that you understand your purpose for attending the conference. You should understand why you intend to join a RETCON, which is one of the first digital (virtual) tech events with speakers from companies around the globe.

Be sure to see this as a sign of responsibility on your part to make the best out of the tech event or summit.

In recent times, these virtual conferences function to keep stakeholders inspired and on top of their game. By constantly providing information on market trends and trading hacks, real estate conferences continue to serve as information links between stakeholders and their growing market.

In 2021, conferences have taken a different turn by offering a virtual experience (through a website) instead of the usual face-to-face formats.

Benefits of Real Estate Conferences in 2021

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Real estate conferences can go a long way to growing your real estate industry experience.

Taking the giant step of attending a real estate event via a website can result in significant returns that speak volumes to your ambitions.

The following are the benefits of attending real estate conferences in 2021 and their impact on market innovation.


The world is full of endless possibilities and services, and most of them are determined by our life choices. Our decisions influence our actions which in turn affect our results.

Hence, choosing to attend a real estate conference gives you the chance to learn from experts, top industry leaders, and keynote speakers who offer up-to-date information across various topics, thereby preparing you for the next wave of success.

Networking and Growth

This exercise is a great way for growing your contacts as you get the chance to meet and converse with people from different walks of life. These contacts expose you to new business opportunities, thereby granting you firsthand mentoring opportunities that allow you to be the CEO, you aspire to be. You may even get to sign a new deal.

You can keep in touch with a tech CEO or close executives you meet during the events via email and follow-up messages.

The growth of your business stems from the contacts you build and the deals you strike with these executives.


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As a realtor CEO or career seeker, not only will you meet leading experts from across the world, but real estate conferences also allow you to meet stakeholders from other industries that work within and next to the real estate market.

You can engage with reputable lawyers, insurance brokers, media personnel, and check with other professionals.

In 2021, there are numerous virtual real estate conferences that are aimed at achieving the above goals. They include but are not limited to the following:

•The Mind Share Summit (from October 7 – 10, 2021)

•The CREate 360 Commercial Real Estate Summit (from October 14-16)

•The Inman Connect Monthly Virtual Expo

•The RETCON Multifamily Conference etc.

Are You Curious?

The real estate market is one of the largest markets in the world, and company leaders are continuously looking to join in future events. You can too with the help of the Real Estate Masters Summit, a free digital and online summit aimed at exposing you to the easy way of growing your real estate company.

The virtual summit which is held in July is one of many events which seek to foster innovation among companies, a CEO, and speakers to influence new technology. Be among the individuals who join and experience the innovation-packed virtual event organized by the company’s management.

Visit the website to reserve your spot today.

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